Thursday, November 8, 2007

Be the assassin, not the prey

Cops are waiting for the minute you screw up driving. From going "fifty-five in a fifty-fo'" or not stopping at a stop light/sign for 3 seconds, they'll do anything to make it known that you made a mistake. How you ask? By issuing you a ticket. They need to make their quota for issuing tickets and even if you weren't asking for one, they'll give it to you.

You then have 3 options:
1) Pay it and go to traffic school
2) Pay it and go to court
3) Pay it and request a trial by written declaration.

So let's face it, you're gonna have to pay that ticket regardless of whether or not you did the act or not. To make things more specific to my situation, I got a ticket at those cameras for making a LEGAL right hand turn. I supposedly didn't stop 3 seconds and that is why they issued me the ticket. I paid $387 that I didn't have and wanted to get it back. Well, out of the options I had, I chose #3 and won. It took roughly 6-7 months, but I got my money back.

So, if you or anyone you know has suffered from the anxiety of paying these tickets: please visit this website.

Please note: The website will ask you to pay for a membership fee. But if you are like me, a skeptic of nature, want to try it out first, you don't have to. Just pay when you've felt like it worked for you (as will I, now that I got my money back. lol)

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  1. that's cool. i'll keep that website in mind! btw, r u coming home for thanksgiving?