Friday, December 21, 2007

Jeanna's Christmas Wishlist

So, because I've been so busy with work and school, I haven't had time to update this thing, let alone think about myself and what I want... but while doing the daily browse of blogs, I've realized that I've slept on a lot of shoe releases partly because again, 1) I'm busy, 2) I'm broke.

So if you would like to purchase something I'd like for Christmas and have the resources to acquire the hard to find following, by all no means, PURCHASE! I'm a 6, by the way (6.5 in most nike air shoes). If not, I hope and pray to God that they'll go to the outlet, B grade or not:

Women's Nike Air Stab:

Nike Air Max 90:

Nike Greco Supreme:

Minnetonka Lace Up Bootie:

Jeans (size 27 or 5):

I'll probably need a 28 in these (no stretch):


Bird on the Wire Hat:

And that's pretty much all I feel like putting up on here, stuff that's worth noting... I guess. I just need to stop looking or else I'll put myself in more debt by buying it for

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