Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coachella 2010 lineup

So every year I hype up wanting to go to Coachella but can never save enough funds to go or I can never get the day off for a day I want to go. This year I might consider going for a day. I just don't know which one. I couldn't afford 3 days and a hotel (since I refuse to camp in the heat)...

Weight my options, I would go to see:

On Friday:
-Jay-Z (duh) <<< a big deal since I've always wanted to see him live
-La Roux

On Saturday:
-Camera Obscura
-Corinne Bailey Rae <<< even though I've seen her before circa 2007, I hear she's got some new material since the death of her husband (which was the last time I heard from her)...so it should be good.

On Sunday:
-Thom Yorke
-De La Soul

Oh what to do.

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  1. Ever since I went 4 years ago, I've been itching to go back but the lineups have been so mediocre for the insane ticket price. Splitting the festival into 3 days was the worst decision ever! Have fun if you go though..looks like Day 1 or 2 might be worth it.