Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jwoww: Reality TV Star turned Entrepreneur?

So Jwoww from Jersey Shore is starting her own clothing line full of the draped halters she wears at the club. On the website her description about her line reads,

"Jenni has created the ultimate in fashionable clothing. She will be reinventing the term "Sexy Sophisticated." Not only will her line be "Edgy" and "Sexy", but it will make people of all ages and body type feel more confident in "the scene." This exclusive line will be limited and custom made to your body type."

You too can look like a Guidette... or you can just go down to Santee Alley in LA and get your own at 5 for $20...LOL

Visiting her website I also found that she's selling posters of herself (designed by her supposedly since she's really into graphic design) for $20 or $30 autographed. LOL....but that's not all folks! She's also sharing her beauty secrets (plastic surgeon) and her diet plan of HGC (a formulation her doctor made and she is selling for $40 and is supposed to be a month's supply) and a low calorie diet.

A girl's gotta eat...right?

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