Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charles Anastase vs Jessica Simpson and Jeffrey Campbell

I'm positively sure I'm not the first to do a post on how lovely these shoes are. There's always an originator in this situation and it is Charles Anastase from his Spring 2009 collection.
Months later, I then stumbled upon the $98 version by Jessica Simpson Dany only to be sold out at the time (which is back in stock by the way, whoooo-fuckin-hoooo!)
And now the literal interpretation of them by the one and only Mr. Jeffrey Campbell for $145:

Desperate in my search, I called all LF Stores in my area and even e-mailed Nasty Gal. LF stores did not have my size and I got a return e-mail from Nasty Gal saying they won't be restocked until September.

So this morning I did a random search again for both of these brands and came up on Jessica Simpson and found them BACK IN STOCK! Wooo hooo! If Jeffrey Campbell had faster re-distribution of these sold out shoes, I would have gotten them but I am elated about getting the Jessica Simpson's all the same. Might I add, they were $45 cheaper.

In this battle, Jessica Simpson won. LOL.


  1. Lol. You are hilarious, because I did exactly the same thing. I think I like the shape of the Jessica Simpson ones more, but I like that the Jeffrey Campbell version uses real wood!

  2. Yeah me too. If the JC's would have came back in stock faster, I would have gotten those.