Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gregory Parkinson Fall/Winter 2010

If you guys follow me on twitter, you'll know that I was a design intern for Gregory Parkinson who has been featured on Vogue in the March 2010 issue with his amazing dress featured on the amazing Chanel Iman:

Towards the end of my internship, I was asked to help in his Fall/Winter 2010 photo shoot to do the makeup and help with dressing. I was thrilled and honored to be a part of the shoot (since I hadn't really done one before and this would be my first one). I stumbled across these pictures from the shoot I did months and months ago on the LA Times website, only now:

For makeup (though you can't really see details as there wasn't any beauty shots), Gregory asked me to keep the skin natural. I only used concealer and tinted moisturizer, no blush. He wanted the eyes to be a focus feature by keeping everything else minimal (nothing on the lips but conditioner). I did a softer smoky eye on her and that was pretty much it. She was already really pretty as it was so we both agreed, putting on too much would probably overpower the clothing.

The clothing... oh the clothing. THE PIECES WERE AMAZING. His eye for color is amazing as usual. I got the feeling that the collection was warm with cool colors if that makes any sense. The appliques and construction of the pieces were truly one of a kind. The pairings of the actual outfits of themselves were a signature of Gregory's. He styles the clothes as a mismatchingly and seemingly the styling works together. A big fan of prints (which is pretty much all he does), Gregory works his magic into each piece. I have never seen anyone work with many different prints at the same time and make it look like a cohesive collection. I loved all of the texture in his pieces where he cut some of the wool herringbone pieces on the bias to create this asymmetrical effect.

He has many separates in this collection and I recall him saying that his Gregory Parkinson woman might not necessarily wear all the pieces he styles in the collection together as an outfit but knows that each piece is standalone and can be mixed in with basics in their wardrobe.

If you love this preview of this collection for Fall/Winter 2010, you should see his Resort collection (where I did the makeup for too). Well, this is the only taste of his work you'll get so far. I'll keep you guys posted when I find pictures of Resort.

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