Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Karaoke and Bowling

Dress: Forever 21
Suede Fringe Vest: Forever 21
Metal Cuff: Forever 21
Necklace: MAC Certification Necklace
Wedges: Xenon by Jeffrey Campbell

So I posted this look on Lookbook a couple days ago. So I basically strutted around in my sky high Jeffrey Campbells from 10am-3am. All the while working @ MAC Cosmetics, Bowling with friends, and Karaoke.

As much as I love these shoes, they kill me! Platforms for me at least are supposed to = comfort. But these take a toll on the balls of my feet and actually made my second toe (next to the big toe) numb that I had to give my feet a break the next day and wear frumpy flats (I've been wearing JC Platforms like every single day lately...YES even on my days off). These are super tight around your foot that I actually got blisters on my Achilles heel the first time I tried breaking these in since I kept scooting my foot back to the heel since the front part of the straps were really tight. Maybe I just have to wear them more often?

And if you follow me on twitter, you'll know I also went lighter with my hair. It actually looks a lot lighter than it did when I first got it done. I feel like it's getting lighter and lighter with every wash so I try to dry shampoo as often as possible (as gross as that sounds).

So that night after I closed at work, Jerald and I met up some friends and went bowling at Action Lanes in El Monte. After we went bowling we noticed a Karaoke bar inside the bowling alley so we decided we'd go there. People in there were really fucking serious! Some people brought their own VCD/Laserdisk Karaoke songs to sing to. I was like DAAAAAAAMN!! The wait for Karaoke was really long and like any Karaoke bar, it's basically who you know or if the DJ likes you. I waited 50 million songs before I sang this jam that I've always wanted to sing. Real Love - Mary J. Blige:

As you can tell, I was heavily inebriated by the time I got up there. The background vocals are really loud which is why you'll find me covering my ear at certain points just to hear myself....and when you add alcohol and having the background vocals too loud, you get me singing kinda off. LOL.

Enjoy my drunk dancing singing self.

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