Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kelis - Flesh Tone

So in my last post about Kelis, I said I was, "Excited for what her next album is gonna bring." Well apparently I've been sleeping under a rock or something because I didn't realize until doing a search the other day that her album came out on May 17, 2010. So to try to explain to you how excited that made me I couldn't put in words. I drove my college roommates crazy playing "Kelis Was Here" over and over. "Blindfold Me", "Circus", "Trilogy", "Fuck Them Bitches", "Lil' Star" and pretty much every track on the album were my favorites. The last album had an alternative hip hop vibe which I really enjoyed.

I finally listened to her new album "Flesh Tone" and it felt like the whole album should be played in West Hollywood and the Castro [which is not a bad thing at all]. "Flesh Tone" is a far cry from "Kelis Was Here". Completely different genres on both albums. "Flesh Tone" is a lot more electro/synth/dance/house which I should have known listening to "Acapella". I noticed too that this album is half the tracks of the last one. "Kelis Was Here" had 17 tracks and "Flesh Tone" only has 9.

The beats were obviously produced by Guetta, Benassi, and less who produced a lot of "Kelis Was Here". Reading some interviews after I listened to the whole thing made me realize that, I guess that's what she was going for. Definitely different everything. She might have lost some fans though from such a dramatic shift in genres, but she definitely hasn't lost me as a fan. I might not bump it as often as I would "Kelis Was Here" but I still like the album. I'll probably blast the "Flesh Tone" joint on the way to WeHo on Wednesdays.

In short, if you're a fan of anything David Guetta or Benny Benassi, you should listen to this album.

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