Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sam Edelman Zoe Harness Boot

Balenciaga vs. Sam Edelman

For months I've been obsessing over these Sam Edelman Zoe boots which are pretty much the Balenciaga knock offs in a mid-range price. I just could not justify spending $300+ on my student income but didn't find an alternative. The usual fast fashion knock-offers didn't have anything comparable. After months and doing my research on the boots to what people have said about them, I went ahead (and really, I don't know what possessed me to "add to cart" but I did) and ordered them on for a whopping $230 (since they only had a size 7 and 10; I ordered the 7) as a late Christmas present to myself (hoping that I don't regret it and that they actually fit).

I haven't surfed through E-bay in a minute and I came across these. They're pretty much an outright copy from the Balenciagas but they come in 3 different sizes, but what can you really expect from fashion now-a-days. This seller is selling them for $85 shipped but the materials aren't leather. They look pretty spot on but again, you get what you pay for. (hopefully)

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