Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wacom Bamboo Fun

After taking my CAD Fashion Design class and Fashion Illustration, I decided I was more of an Adobe Illustrator person. I took a good stab at drawing and realized that I can do simple renderings of garments I want to make, but that my perfectionist ass would never get my lines and silhouettes perfect the way I want.

On Illustrator the Pen tool takes me forever to draw with, but I can draw by hand really fast. Trying to find a balance between the two mediums I came across this tool while reading a blogpost on M.I.S.S.

It's called the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet and watching the videos and reading a couple reviews, this tablet is supposed to be what I'm looking for. Since for the most part, I can be technically challenged, the video on the website makes the tablet seem user friendly.

At $199, it's not so out of reach and it's bundled together with Corel Painter Essentials 4, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Nik Color Efex Pro software.

I guess this is something I can add to the, "My-Birthday-is-on-February-2nd-I-Want-This-For-my-Birthday-List"

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