Sunday, December 27, 2009

YSL Sculpted Platform Pump

YSL vs Dolce Vita

So here is another post on my never ending myriad of an obsession with shoes. Ever since I saw Lady Gaga wear these on Nitro:licious, I wished I could own a pair of these $800 shoes but even on sale at $400, the price still hurts.

They also come in the Suede by Dolce Vita on Shopbop and on the Dolce Vita website $165:

The alternative and not a complete knock-off (because of the heel not being so angled like the YSL's) are my favorite mid-range brand Dolce Vita! Again, they've made a shoe I love that is in my price range...if only I could find them in my size. I've only found them on:

- Amazon Dolce Vita April $159-$160
Lori's Shoes $156
- $160
- $169

Maybe I should get out of bed and look for them.

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