Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lady GaGa + Jay-Z = Illuminati?

So all last week I was at Basic training for MAC and I got into some conversation with a fellow artist about Lady GaGa and he told me that he read something about her being a part of the Illuminati.

For those who like me, need to be reminded of what the Illuminati is (even after reading those darn Dan Brown books), wikipedia says:

Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name that refers to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious. Historically, it refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In this context, Illuminati is often used in reference to a New World Order (NWO). Many conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati are the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of such a New World Order.

My fellow MAC artist went on to say that the Illuminati (as I was reminded because of reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown) is all about giving the Devil another chance or something like that and these people a part of the Illuminati are all a part of worshipping the Devil. I really am not sure about what all this means but I came across an actual blog that points out the symbolism in GaGa's work and it's a pretty interesting read.

This person goes on to blog about Jay-Z as well as other celebs being a part of the Illuminati also. Something about him mocking Jesus in one of the scenes in the "On to the Next One" video. To read further, lookie here.


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