Wednesday, January 13, 2010

M.I.A Puts NY Times on blast

So I have been following one of my favorite artists, M.I.A. on twitter and read some tweets of hers about the New York Times article about beautiful places to visit around the world.

I didn't really understand why she was upset about it being that the article pretty much tried to sell Sri Lanka (where she's from) as place a nice place to visit. She even posted twitpics of disturbing pictures of the blood and guts of children and a mass grave. 

Her preceeding tweets later explained why. She was angry because just days before, the NY Times posted this article about Sri Lankan Executions. Later tweeting that the NY Times should get their facts straight (pretty much saying their stories about her country are contradictory). Props for M.I.A for standing up for her country. I know I wasn't born in the Philippines but as the motherland,  if someone were to paint an ugly picture of the Philippines as a 3rd world country filled with executions of the innocent then later try to spin it as the best place in the world to visit? I would be angry too...

Later, she tweeted a song that I had heard about through Jerald about her 3 hour tech support call with Verizon with Filipino employees from the Philippines via Gizmodo who got the story from Rolling Stone about her up and coming follow up to Kala (one of my favorite albums to design and create to)

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