Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Urban Decay Cosmetics on sale on HauteLook/Alice in Wonderland

Online sales are fun!

I know I work for MAC, but I would be a hypocrite and ignorant if I said I never tried any other cosmetics brand.

A brand that stands out in color and formula to me while still being affordable is Urban Decay Cosmetics. Love the formulation on their eyeshadows and the colors they have.

Right now, Urban Decay is on sale on Everything is under $10!!! Again it's invite only and if you want to sign up for this sale and other designer sales, click here.

They are also coming out with a book like format of eyeshadows and colors used in the making of the movie (that I'm super excited for); Alice in Wonderland! To find out the color names, you can sign up for their e-mail list.

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  1. I am on an obsessed hunt for Urban Decays "The Wedding Singer" lipstick. it was created for Drew Barrymore in the Wedding Singer. I have been doing some research and found that the color was renamed to "crime" I love this color and want it asap. Does this color even exist anymore, is there a place I can buy it? Any new leads or recommendations of a color similar would be great.