Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why I Blog...

Catching up on fellow bloggers blogs, I came across one of my fav's Bryanboy's blog an article that struck a chord in my brain and made me think hard about why I blog.

A.D.D. sidenote, if you're any follower of fashion, follow his blog! I was first surprised when I found out about his blog because of the fact that like me, he is Filipino...but what blew me away even more was that he lives in the Philippines! It fascinated me that he was so in tune with fashion around the world in a country that [I've visited several times] is considered 3rd world. His knowledge and intuition with the fashion world just blow my mind opening my eyes to the fact that fashion really is international. Amazing!

I blog because I have an opinion.
I blog because I want to share what I know with the world.
I blog because I want the world to know what I am up to.
Plain and simple.

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