Friday, February 5, 2010

Forever 21 Active Wear

I'm trying to change my outlook on how I work out. Personally, I hate sweating because once I work out, it's pretty profuse and gross feeling. Which is a "duh" because getting up your heart rate would do that but I hate the feeling...and don't get me started on how I feel about running. All my shit jiggles badly making me feel very itchy once I get started jogging like a fucking gerbil or hamster. Lately I've been doing a lot of the Zumba classes at the gym to stay motivated and it secretly makes me feel better and cracks me up inside when I see people struggling to catch the beat (LOL... I'm evil). Instead of focusing on the fact that I hate sweating and everything jiggling, I'm trying to fall in love with getting in shape (along with trying to eat healthier even though I've slipped this week since it is my birthday week).

I ramble but, on the topic of fitness, Forever 21 has come out with Active Wear so you can look cute jiggling around the gym. I might have to check some pieces out since my workout wear really consists of baggy shirts that belong to Jerald and sweats I wear to sleep (and no I don't sleep in the sweats after I work out...nasties...)

Catch their active wear in stores on February 9th!

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