Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Cherry Lashes

Me wearing MAC patent #7 from the Heatherette Collection

While I love me some MAC #3, #7 and #34 lashes, but I can't stay away from Red Cherry ones that I found at the swapmeet one day. I've pretty much tried every lash there is from your neighborhood drugstore and swapmeet and these are the only ones with comparable quality (no weird plastic sheen to the lashes making them look fake) to MAC that pretty much hold up after one use also. For $1.99 vs MAC $15.50 (yes they are raising the prices...insane!) you can't beat the price for 'em! They work very well with DUO and I pretty much use the ones similar to the MAC ones for days I can't make it out to the MAC store (even though Red Cherry's are mad cheaper than MAC even with my 60% discount)


Looking at the most popular MAC lashes to Red Cherry's I've come up with a comparison list for lashes I use comparable to each other and for those who want to know:

MAC #3 Lashes to Red Cherry #47 lash 

MAC #4 Lashes to Red Cherry #747_M 

MAC #6 Lashes to Red Cherry #5

Me wearing Red Cherry #5 and MAC's bottom lashes similar to Red Cherry #602

Yay for Red Cherry!

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