Friday, March 26, 2010

CS5 Photoshop Content Aware Fill Tool

So many places like my school refused to upgrade to CS4 not only because of the budget cuts, but because there wasn't really anything amazing about it...

Jumping on the bandwagon of not upgrading to CS5 was me. Until there was something absolutelyfuckingamazing about CS5 would I upgrade... But a friend on Twitter put me on to this new Photoshop Content Aware Fill Tool that pretty much blends pictures and takes stuff out that you want effortlessly... Something that needed multiple tools and hours of re-touching to take gets fixed in a matter of minutes. To get a better understanding watch the video.

Relating to fashion, this feature? Can you imagine how many models won't have to suffer with anorexia for photoshoots anymore? 

In a nutshell... I'm sold. Can April 12 come any sooner?

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