Friday, March 26, 2010

Hairstyles That Fail

Reading my blogroll today of fav blogs, I came across a post on BlackBook about a subject that I rarely talk about aloud but always think about in my head [if that makes any sense].

Hair should is an accessory and should frame your face and I know more than anyone that the wrong cut can make you look ridic or something you're not. So to reinforce the list of haircuts that fail:

Remember the MTV reality show Two-a-Days that followed these high school football players? They all had the same hair [well except for the black players] which was this side swept coif. Well that's the hair that Justin Bieber has ...FAIL

Adam Lambert + Kate Gosselin [of the Jon and Kate plus 8 days] = FAIL.

The dreads on that chick from American Idol especially after sitting next to some dude on the Subway with long dreads...FAIL they fucking smell so bad too!!! why would you want them?!

And the last one that I couldn't find a picture to suffice for are roots that extend past 2-3 inches...ESPECIALLY when your real hair color is dark brown almost black and you dyed your hair blonde. Any hair color you do on your hair has a maintenance and if you can't maintain... DON'T DO IT! Be one less eyesore for everyone else and save your self the trouble and keep your original hair color.

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