Friday, May 28, 2010

A Definite Buy Now: Oxfords and Saddles

So, lately I've been really into Oxfords and Saddles as my alternative flat shoe when I'm not wearing my sky high platforms. Everyone knows my love for Jeffrey Campbell can only go so far until I find something knock off worthy.

I loved the Jeffrey Campbell Prospect:
but honestly, $114 for these babies could only get me so far until I found an all black version that was comparable that I could wear for work on my second go to shoe place: Aldo. I scored these babies on sale and for a quarter of what the JC's cost. Here it is:

The Aldo Mintken
Now saddle shoes are in the same category I'd put right there next to oxfords because technically they are. Panelling and tonal colors make them saddle shoes. For men, the guys from StreetEtiquette put it well when they said they were an "all season" shoe. But I remember as a girl, I wore my saddle shoes in high school (since my style was pretty much stand-out-ish too back then) and I bought them from Payless (which they still have) of all places in a kids' size since my feet are pretty much midget feet (size 4.5 in kids).

So my love for saddle shoes have pretty much always been there but now that my style is more refined, I want to upgrade from my PVC-manmadematerials-throwaway-pair of shoes to something that'll actually last longer. I've found:

The more classic Enfield by Bass

The Modern Saddle: Sophie by Vans
And the busy bad-ass/unconventional: Vans Girls x Hellz Bellz Sophie

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