Friday, July 16, 2010

Jeffrey Campbells that I can't afford...

but absolutely need!

These are the first non platform shoe that I love by JC that I can't really justify spending that much money on. I love them, they're just too expensive. They're on solestruck if you've go the funds.
Back to my platform/wedge obsession, I finally found the Take 2 draped wedge in my size on Eilatan:

And the she mans! oh the she man. It's on Eilatan too.
So I'm pretty much out of commish on buying JC's until I come up on extra $$$ somehow. I'm so sad though. I know I bought a whole bunch of JC boots but we're still in summer! Maybe I should've thought of a way to strategically purchase summer shoes vs. fall/winter shoes.

Ugh... I wish these shoes that I can't afford would show up to my doorstep somehow. I love JC but they've officially depleted my funds to the point of starvation. LOL. sad face.

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