Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm a JC Girl!

So please excuse this post as I whore myself out in Jeffrey Campbells. If you're a follower of mine, you'll know how much I obsess over their shoes and pretty much starve myself just so I can get a pair of their shoes. I feel like a million bucks every time I wear my JCs!

You can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw these tweets this morning:

My pictures are currently featured on their website! I'm so excited because most of the pictures they chose, I'm wearing one of my designs (all still available on my etsy)!

If you've seen my Jeffrey Campbell page, you've seen these before but here's me on their website!

ok that's quite enough.

Until my next post. maybe it'll be about the insane amount of Jeffrey Campbells I bought with my poor credit card.

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