Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday: December 2010

Another post where I feel like it was just yesterday, but this post literally is the turning point.

Wearing H&M Kids denim dress and belt, a vintage poly romper, and vintage leather 

Started December 2010 by stalking Mayer Hawthorne.. lol

I was at some DJ event where he was there, I vaguely remember the actual DJs, but I know that Mayer Hawthrone's crew Stones Throw was a part of it. I literally stalked him to try and take a picture and then my camera was acting up and I got the above result.

Some of the events of the month also led to the below:
 the one holiday party Jerald and I attended for his job at the time
This outfit was totally last minute, bought this H&M dress at a Buffalo Exchange the same day.
The belt was H&M and shoes were Jessica Simpson
The rest of this month was also spent on randomly hanging out with high school friends that moved to or visited LA while wearing a random Charlotte Russe bustier and UNIQLO Pleather (god I hate fake leather) shorts
Anyway, by this point, I had a design degree and needed to find out where I was going to go. Was I going to stay a makeup artist and freelance designer to build J. Faye?

Was I going to stay in LA or actually grow some balls and move to NY? I wanted to be smart and I remember having a conversation with Jerald that same month about where we wanted to be since our lease on our apartment was about to be up. I remember the conversation concluding with a, "let's see".

The next day I posted my resume on Monster and Career Builder, got a call from a recruiter for UNIQLO, asked to do an interview that Monday from a call on Friday, then fly out to New York for a final interview on Friday, and the rest was history all in a week's time.

While I visited New York, I got to catch up with some of my high school favorites wearing a Cotton On military button down dress and some random scarf I found on

Needless to say, as soon as I touched down in LA after the interview, I got a call asking me if I could start in January...

Stay tuned next week for the next flashback!  

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