Friday, March 15, 2013

Flashback Friday: November 2010

November 2010

Jerald and I
Being that the month my blog died in September 2010, the last thing chronicled after that I pulled from Facebook. It got me nostalgic thinking about what I could do to update you all since then until this point.

So here's the start of Flashback Fridays and possibly Throwback Thursdays if time

1. Jordan Olivia's Baby Shower

So in November 2010 we'll start off with Ms. Jordan Olivia's baby shower. Jordan Olivia is my niece by way of Jerald's sister by the way. Here's some snaps from that time.

Baby girl's cake that she can't even eat yet.
Hangin out.
With celebrant who was bakin in the oven at the time.

2. Thanksgiving

2010 was a Thanksgiving spent in Daly City with +Jerald's  family who were excited to use their newly renovated kitchen. That was the first and last time I also made cream cheese nutella cinnamon baked quesadillas, which I need to make again because they were such a hit (I feel another blog post coming on with recipe included!)

Someone who clearly loved my quesadillas.
in law of the mother variety.
Kobe the Shiba Inu

Looking at these pictures, it's hard to believe we're in 2010. Not that the events feel like they were from yesterday, but it's crazy to believe it was that long ago already. Somethings that haven't changed in that plaid and florals are still heavy in Jerald and mine's

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