Saturday, January 30, 2010

Befuddled by Patrick Mohr

There have been so many fashion shows that I need to catch up on in my limited amount of time. Most of the popular ones have already been covered and noted by most blogs but one that stuck out to me in particular [via What's Wrong With the Zoo] was Patrick Mohr's fashion show for Fall/Winter 2010. His show was very avante garde and stuck out to me like a sore thumb.


I'm not sure how I feel about the line but I can tell you when I first saw it, I immediately was reminded of "Derelicte" from the movie Zoolander and interpreted avante garde characters of McDonald's (Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar) with Bruno Gehard narrating in the background.

Looking at the pictures of the show initially, my eyebrow was raised for a good 5 minutes. Looking into the inspiration of Patrick Mohr, I guess I get it. Taken from the Mercedez Benz - Fashion Week website, Patrick Mohr's inspiration is noted:

"The autumn/winter collection 2010/2011 of Patrick Mohr concentrates furthermore upon the message Unisex. The differences between man and woman are not important to the designer – men and women form for him more than one unity.

The materials in this year autumn winter collection 2010/2011 are linen, jersey and jeans. A majority of the collection is dedicated to the concept of layering: the pieces can be worn arbitrarily with one another and one above the other.

Besides white and black the colours blue, yellow and red take a key role this time. Central components of the brand patrick mohr are the geometrical forms of the triangle and quadrangle as well as the parallelogramme which are expressed in the design till detail. In most models the symbols are to be discovered as a print or cut. Besides graphic forms the patrick mohr collection is marked by extravagance and individuality."

Ohhhh.. Wearable art? The makeup and unorthodox model sizes threw me off. I guess I can see these pieces separate and paired with something other than what they're styled with in the fashion show. To me the show's goal of being a-sexual just looked sexually frustrating. LOL.

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